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Gene Simmons producing Kiss and Hello Kitty mashup for 'My Little Pony' network

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If you've always felt that children's television shows are lacking in lessons on anarchy, you're in luck: the ubiquitous Hello Kitty franchise is set to be mashed up with the aesthetics of hair metal band Kiss, reports USA Today. The show's working title is Kiss Hello Kitty, and it's being produced for The Hub — the same network that aired the surprise cult hit My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. The new show is set to be about four Hello Kitty characters living the rockstar dream and creating anarchy in each scenario they're put into.

Kiss frontman Gene Simmons will be executive producing the show, which is based off of the sometimes cute and sometimes disturbing "Kiss x Hello Kitty" clothing line from 2010. While Simmons' involvement may add a legitimacy to the titular kittens' newfound sense of metal, Boing Boing points out that Simmons has a history of capitalizing where he can and flaunting a deep interest in money. But however unlikely his involvement is with the children's network, the mashup won't be the first band spinoff picked up by The Hub; the network also airs The Aquabats! Super Show! based off of ska band The Aquabats. Kiss Hello Kitty's debut, and target audience, has yet to be announced.