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Xbox 360 gets its first exclusive movie release, 'Pulp'

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Pulp movie
Pulp movie

The British indie comedy Pulp is today debuting exclusively on Xbox Live. The release marks the first time a feature-length movie has ever been released exclusively for the platform, but Microsoft tells BBC News it plans to distribute more films this way in the future.

Pulp centers on a comic book writer who's unwillingly forced to help the police take down a money-laundering drug cartel. It was was well-received on the film festival circuit last year, but apparently the cost of a traditional theatrical release was too big a gamble for UK distributors to take on a movie with no "bankable stars." You can get a feel for what Pulp offers by watching an extremely foul-mouthed scene over on YouTube, and if you're convinced, you can buy it in SD for 1120 Microsoft Points ($14.75), or pick up the HD version for 1420 ($17.75) Microsoft Points.