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Meet the Starbucks barista that took a 4,000 latte order from Steve Jobs

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Jobs 2007 keynote screenshot
Jobs 2007 keynote screenshot

"I'd like to order 4,000 lattes to go, please." Those were the words of Steve Jobs in 2007: the late Apple co-founder was making the first public phone call with a just-unveiled product called "iPhone." The unsuspecting Starbucks employee on the other end of the line had no clue she'd just been pranked in front of thousands of attendees at Apple's Macworld conference. Years later though, Fast Company has tracked down the target of Jobs' lighthearted joke. Ying Hang "Hannah" Zhang is still a barista at that Starbucks location and hasn't forgotten the fateful day Apple's visionary rang her up. "I feel very happy and lucky that I had a chance to actually talk to him," she said of the brief, seconds-long chat. Should her memory fade, it seems Zhang will have no trouble remembering the conversation; Fast Company reports pranksters still call with Jobs' request to this day.