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Sony Mobile CEO targets profitability in 2013 fiscal year, expects over 34 million units sold

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Sony Xperia Z
Sony Xperia Z

Kaz Hirai's vision for turning Sony around — a plan called "One Sony" — revolved around strengthening the company's three core businesses: digital imaging, gaming, and mobile. Hirai first announced that plan a year ago, and now the company is making some promises. Kunimasa Suzuki, CEO of Sony Mobile, told reporters that it plans to sell over 34 million smartphones and tablets in the fiscal year beginning April 1st, according to Bloomberg. With the boost in sales, the unit expects to be profitable over the fiscal year as well, and it plans to take third place in global smartphone marketshare from Huawei. Sony was 1 million in shipments behind the Chinese manufacturer, with a 0.4 percent smaller marketshare in the latest IDC quarterly report from this January.

Sony first forecasted 34 million in smartphone shipments for its 2012 fiscal year, which ends on March 31st, during its latest quarterly earnings report. The company now looks like it is pushing that estimate back. In its third fiscal quarter of 2012, which ended on December 31st, Sony shipped a total of 8.7 million handsets.