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Samsung Galaxy S 4 to include eye-tracking capabilities, reports NYT

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Samsung logo (STOCK)
Samsung logo (STOCK)

Samsung's upcoming Galaxy S 4 will utilize eye-tracking technology that enables users to scroll through webpages without touching the screen, The New York Times is reporting today. New paragraphs will automatically come into view when your eyes hit the end of a paragraph. A Samsung employee reportedly provided the Times with this information, though the source didn't disclose the technology being used to power the functionality. Unfortunately it's also not yet known whether Samsung plans to demonstrate eye tracking at its March 14th press event. Such a feature would represent a bold evolution of Samsung's existing experiments in user awareness. Smart Stay, among the software additions found on the Galaxy S III, prevents the phone's display from dimming when a user is looking at the screen. Samsung will unveil its latest flagship Android handset on March 14th in New York City.