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Watch this: Tesla Model S ripped apart in the name of safety

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Tesla Model S jaws of life
Tesla Model S jaws of life

It may have been the subject of a much-publicized spat recently, but we found a lot to like about the Tesla Model S when we took it for a spin earlier this year. However, like any vehicle on the road, it's something that police officers and emergency responders may need to deal with should one unfortunately be involved in an accident. In the video below, Brock Archer of Advanced Extrication covers the various challenges electric vehicles present when being handled in such situations — and includes a demonstration of how to properly rip the door, hood, and side panel off a Model S with the Jaws of Life. It's a cringeworthy sight, but the video as a whole is a fascinating look at how practices and procedures must evolve along with the technology we use.