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NCAA lifts ban that limited reporters' in-game tweets

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Twitter redesigned iphone app
Twitter redesigned iphone app

The NCAA has backtracked on a rule that restricted the number of updates reporters were allowed to post to social media during postseason events. A meeting between the NCAA and the Associated Press Sports Editors confirmed that the policy is no longer in effect, and APSE president Gerry Ahern told GeekWire "the NCAA decided that there's no reason to put a limit on live Tweets per game." According to Ahern, the NCAA changed its mind after realizing that frequent tweeting would actually make it more likely for people to switch on the TV and watch a game, rather than rely on social media for updates.

The University of Washington came under fire last year for enforcing rules based on NCAA policy; tweeting from games was permitted as long as the updates weren't so frequent as to constitute a "real-time description" of the event. This frequency varied by sport: reporters could only make 20 posts during a basketball game, but up to 45 updates were deemed acceptable for football. While universities will still be free to set their own rules for games in the regular season, the NCAA's evolved position on its own postseason events could lead to more relaxed attitudes all around.