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Google Shopping Express could compete with Amazon Prime's same-day delivery

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google shopper large

TechCrunch is reporting today that Google has begun testing a new same-day delivery service, as part of an effort to capitalize upon e-commerce products like Google Wallet and Google Shopping. A source familiar with the plans told TechCrunch that the service will be called "Google Shopping Express," and that it will be priced at $69 a year — $10 cheaper than Amazon Prime. The subscription would offer same-day delivery from retailers like Target, Walmart, Walgreens and Safeway, but details on specific partnerships remain unclear.

Internal tests are reportedly underway

It's also not clear when Shopping Express would launch, though Google has reportedly begun testing it internally. The initiative is being overseen by Tom Fallows, Google's e-commerce product manager. If realized, it could provide the company with a centralized store front that would combine Google Wallet and Shopping with product offerings from brick-and-mortar retailers.

Google's recent acquisitions have also underscored its focus on e-commerce. In November, the company acquired Bufferbox, a Canadian locker storage service similar to Amazon Locker. Last month, it spent $125 million to acquire Channel Intelligence, a data management service that tracks online retail sails across a wide range of product categories.

Update: A Google spokesperson has provided The Verge with the following comment on today's report:

"We are always working to build a delightful shopping experience for users, in close partnership with retailers, and to empower businesses of all sizes to compete effectively. We will continue to work toward providing technology, tools and traffic to help power the retail ecosystem but have nothing to announce at this time."