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3D Disney movies headed to Vizio TVs via new 3DGo streaming service

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A new streaming service from 3D tech company Sensio is launching this month on 3D-enabled Vizio televisions. At launch, 3DGo will feature 50 movies for rental, priced between $4.99 and $7.99. Sensio has signed a partnership with Disney that will see more than 20 of the launch titles come from the company. Disney movies available will include the Pixar-produced Brave and Tim Burton's Frankenweenie, while additional content will be provided by National Geographic and Starz. Sensio general manager Chris Saito told the Los Angeles Times that he expects "a couple more" TV manufacturers to bundle the service with their televisions by the end of this year, adding that "3DGo is able to overcome the challenges of why 3D at home hasn't taken off."