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Ferrari debuts 963hp hybrid LaFerrari supercar, but you can't buy one

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Ferrari's hybrid could never have been anything less: the Italian car manufacturer today unveiled the LaFerrari supercar — a 963 horsepower, limited-edition model that the company will use as a testbed for future developments in its product line. LaFerrari is the successor to Enzo, the manufacturer's previous flagship effort, which ended production in 2004. It was one of two hybrid supercars announced at the Geneva International Motor Show this week, alongside the 903 horsepower McLaren P1.

About one-sixth of the car's horsepower comes from an electric motor, and it has greater total horsepower than any other vehicle in Ferrari's lineup. If you're wondering what that means when taking the LaFerrari out for a spin: it'll do 0-to-60mph in less than three seconds, and you'll be at 120mph in less than seven. Only 499 LaFerrari will be made, and there's no price yet for the new supercar — but don't think that you'll get a chance to buy one: Jalopnik reports that with around 700 standing orders, the car is already sold out.