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Tumblr planning to bring ads to its mobile app in the first half of 2013

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Tumblr for iPhone
Tumblr for iPhone

Tumblr loosened its stance on advertising and started displaying paid content in its dashboard last year, and now it seems similar ads will come to its mobile application soon. According to Bloomberg, Tumblr VP Derek Gottfrid said that the service would start integrating ads into its mobile app sometime during the first half of 2013, and that the company is actively looking for advertisers after successful internal testing of the new platform. While Tumblr used to be strongly opposed to advertising, the company is hoping this push into mobile will lead to its first annual profit. The number of users on Tumblr's mobile platform have reportedly quadrupled in the last six months and are getting close to matching that of the full site, so mobile ads are the next logical place for Tumblr to go if it wants to pull in more revenue.