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Evernote to adopt two-step authentication after security breach

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Evernote security 640
Evernote security 640

Evernote took swift action after detecting an unwelcome intrusion on its servers last week; unwilling to take any chances, the company required each and every user of its popular productivity app suite to reset their password. That's even after Evernote insisted it had no reason to believe data had been "accessed, changed, or lost." But Evernote's not done taking precautions, with the company now planning to implement a two-step authentication system — a security measure that's seen increased adoption among web companies like Google, Dropbox, and others. "We were already planning to roll out optional two-factor authentication to all of our users later this year," an Evernote spokeswoman told InformationWeek. It would seem the recent security breach has expedited things a bit. "We are accelerating those plans now," she said.