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Volvo uses radar and cameras to keep cyclists safe from your car

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While Ferrari showed off its new supercar at the Geneva Motor Show today, Volvo announced something more practical: the first in-car system designed to automatically brake for cyclists in the event of an impending collision. The new technology uses a grille-mounted radar to detect the proximity of objects to the vehicle, and a camera integrated into the rearview mirror distinguishes what objects actually are. Volvo's system will immediately apply full braking power, possibly reducing the significance of injuries for cyclists.

As cars begin to do more without driver input, we've seen plans on how to increase safety for everyone — Volvo's iterative solution may be one of the first available to help cyclists, but the company hasn't outlined yet how the car will respond to surrounding vehicles while suddenly braking. The new technology is an extension of Volvo's existing pedestrian detection systems, and all vehicles with the system will eventually include cyclist detection as well — the rollout begins this May with seven models in Volvo's lineup.