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90 Seconds on The Verge: a Brooklyn drone, NCAA Twitter limits, and lost iPhone names

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Dan 90 Seconds
Dan 90 Seconds

Dextrose. Corn syrup. Hydrogenated coconut oil. Calcium stearate. Malic acid. Maltodextrin. Egg albumen. Carnauba wax. Confectioner's glaze. Monoglycerides. Diglycerides. Carmine color. Blue #1. Blue #1 lake. Blue #2. Blue #2 lake. Green #3. Red #3. Red #40. Red #40 lake. Yellow #5. Yellow #5 lake. Yellow #6. Yellow #6 lake.

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Today's 90 Seconds on The Verge was written by Bryan Bishop and Ross Miller. All other video production magic is credited to John Lagomarsino.