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Nokia wants Instagram for Windows Phone, piles pressure on with #2InstaWithLove

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Nokia desperately wants Instagram for Windows Phone and it's proving that this week. The Finnish company has just released #2InstaWithLove, a new Windows Phone app for Lumia devices that's specifically designed to put pressure on the release of an Instagram app for Microsoft's mobile operating system. "Many of you have asked when Instagram will be coming to Windows Phone, and the #2InstaWithLove app was created as a way for you to have your voice heard," says Nokia.

The app simply lets users take a photo and it automatically applies a filter and turns the image into a polaroid-like result with the #2InstaWithLove moniker. "It's all about showing Instagram just how passionate the Windows Phone community is," claims Nokia, but it's a very desperate public move for one single app on the platform.


Nevertheless, we understand that Microsoft has been building an Instagram application for Windows Phone. Sources close to Microsoft's plans have revealed that the app is currently in testing, but that it will require approval from Instagram to get the necessary write access required to publish photos to the service. Microsoft and Nokia clearly understand the importance of Instagram on the platform, unlocking the application will bring thousands of dedicated Instagram users who would otherwise refuse to switch to Windows Phone.