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Top Shelf Episode 001: the one with Sony

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Is Sony's future bright or bleak? Can the former tech industry giant get out of its rut and reclaim its position as the top consumer premium brand? Just how much fun is the full-frame RX-1?

Welcome to Top Shelf, a weekly show from The Verge that takes a deeper dive into the products and experiences of the technology that shapes our lives. Join David Pierce and a veritable gaggle of (mostly organic) friends as they showcase the best, brightest, craziest, and pixel-dense-iest from the consumer electronics industry.

Coming up today? "The one about Sony" with Nilay Patel, Dan Seifert and very special guest Justin McElroy, Managing Editor of Polygon. We'll be broadcasting at 11AM ET (and yes, it'll be available on demand soon after) so stay tuned!

Sony RX1 review (featured in this episode)

Top Shelf: Episode 001

Directors: Billy Disney and Jordan Oplinger

Producer: Ross Miller
Studio Producer: Brendan Murphy
Executive Producers: Chad Mumm and Kyle Kramer

Editors: Billy Disney and Jordan Oplinger

Assistant Editor: Regina Dellea, Brent Clouse

Special Guests: Nilay Patel, Dan Seifert, Justin McElroy
Host: David Pierce

Shooters: John Lagomarsino, Ryan Manning, Sam Thonis

Vox Studio Manager: Marcos Bueno
From Vox Studios: Robert Langevin, Will Buikema, Nick Prouty

Presented by: Virgin Mobile
Special Thanks to: Joshua Topolsky, Jim Bankoff, and Marty Moe