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90 Seconds on The Verge: EU fines Microsoft, 'Star Wars' finds Carrie Fisher, and more

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Ross 90 Seconds
Ross 90 Seconds

I'm talking but the words are not my own. My mouth is moving, but what's being expressed is not my initial expression. It's a vocalized form of human communication but the soliloquy is penned by another. This must be what muppets feel like. Sort of.

Stories of the day:

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Today's 90 Seconds on The Verge was written by Bryan Bishop. All other video production magic is credited to Regina Dellea and John Lagomarsino. Ross Miller used to be the writer but gave up the reins to run around calling himself "producer." As of this writing, he isn't sure what that means.

PS: Corn syrup. Wheat flour. Citric Acid. Artificial Flavor. Red #40.