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Path moves toward monetization with stickers and private messaging in 3.0 update

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path 3.0
path 3.0

Path just got a big update that adds two major features to the social networking app for iOS. The first is private messaging between users; previously you had to comment on a post, but now you can send messages directly to other people. The messages can include voice, media, location data, and stickers — the latter of which are the next big addition to the app.

Path now features a shop where you can buy "handcrafted" stickers to send to friends, a monetization strategy we've seen before in instant messaging apps around the world. The shop also sells a range of photo filters, though you've been able to buy those through previous versions of the app for a while. Sticker packs are priced at $1.99 each, and photo filters go for $0.99. The 3.0 update is only available for iOS right now, but Path says it will come to Android "soon."

Update: "Soon" was certainly accurate — Path 3.0 is now out for Android, too.