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George Lucas wants to build a $250 million art museum in San Francisco

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lucas cultural arts museum
lucas cultural arts museum

Now that he’s retired from filmmaking, George Lucas wants to build a museum in San Francisco’s Presidio region to house his substantial art collection. Last week, the Star Wars creator handed a 20-page proposal for the Lucas Cultural Arts Museum in to the Presidio Trust, which manages the area in partnership with the National Park Service. The news was reported in SFGate.

Lucas already has a major presence in the Presidio

Lucas already has a major presence in the Presidio — Industrial Light and Magic and LucasArts are located in its Letterman Digital Arts Center, which he also developed. The proposed museum would house Lucas’s extensive collection of works by Norman Rockwell and Maxfield Parish, comic art, and, naturally, props and concepts from the Star Wars films. There would also be space dedicated to animation and visual effects. The museum is expected to cost $250 to $300 million to build, which Lucas would pay out of pocket, along with two separate $400 million endowments paid when the museum opens and when he dies.