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Fantastical for iPhone updated with event invites, time zones, and a glanceable date badge

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fantastical for iphone
fantastical for iphone

Popular iPhone calendar app Fantastical was updated today to version 1.1, bringing with it a variety of features users have asked for like time zone support, event invitations, multiple alerts, and even an app badge that displays the current date. "The last two months have been insane, having all these users and passionate complaints," Flexibits co-founder Michael Simmons told us. "We wanted to have an update that said 'we're listening.'"

Fantastical 1.1 is about fulfilling even small user requests, according to Simmons, such as the addition of infinite scrolling in month view, and the inclusion of a date picker that appears when users long-press on the month bar. There are also a few hidden features buried in the Settings menu, like the ability to change the app's badge to show how many events are remaining on one's schedule for the day. So what's next for Fantastical? An iPad app may be in the works, Simmons teases. Fantastical 1.1 hits the App Store today on sale for $3.99 — 99 cents off its usual price.