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U.S. Bank now letting customers snap photos of their bills for automatic mobile payment

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Mobile Photo BillPay
Mobile Photo BillPay

By now, using your smartphone for check deposits has almost become old hat. U.S. Bank is looking to take the next step in conjoining gadgets and financial accounts with the launch of Mobile Photo BillPay. The feature, which the bank says is the first of its kind, lets customers snap a photo of a bill, after which all payment fields will automatically be populated with the proper information. The underlying technology has been developed by Mitek, with extracted data including the intended payee, address, account number and total amount due. Of course you'll get a chance to review this data before authorizing a bill's payment; that's a good thing, since we can't imagine Mobile Photo BillPay will be flawless each and every time out. Nonetheless, U.S. Bank cites one study that expects the feature to reach a 33 percent adoption rate within the US by 2018. Mobile Photo BillPay is available now for U.S. Bank’s iPhone, iPad and Android mobile banking apps.