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Watch this: 'Breaking Bad' re-imagined as a '90s-era feel-good sitcom

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Breaking Bad '90s era
Breaking Bad '90s era

Clever video mashup artists putting beloved TV characters in oddball situations is nothing new — take this re-imagining of Seinfeld as a dramatic movie trailer — but these new takes on Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead take the concept to the extreme. Breaking Bad, know for being one of the darkest and grittiest shows on TV over the last few years, gets re-cut into the opening credits of a '90s-era sitcom, complete with big smiles, shared heartfelt moments, and an incredibly cheesy (but yet appropriate) soundtrack from Foreigner. It's all the best parts of the opening credits from classics like Friends, Full House, Home Improvement, or Growing Pains, but instead of Ross and Rachel you have the wacky pairing of Walt and Jesse.

Not to be left out, zombie drama The Walking Dead also got re-cut, into something more closely resembling the intersection between a police procedural and family drama — the soundtrack definitely tips its cap to Law and Order, and the intro is equal parts cops with guns and families learning and growing together. Sure, the zombies stand out a bit, but what '90s-era show wouldn't have been improved with the addition of a few zombies? The level of detail behind both trailers is top-notch — the videos appear to be ripped from an old VHS tape, and they've been cropped to fit in the standard 4:3 aspect ratio of TV in those days before "high-definition" was a common term. As one wise YouTube commenter noted, watch these in 240p to get the full effect.