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Calendar Live makes Twitter's ads more valuable, promotes tweets during your favorite TV show

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Promoted Tweet stock
Promoted Tweet stock

During the Super Bowl, Oreo made a splash on Twitter with one well-placed ad — and you may be seeing more like it in your Twitter feed soon. Calendar Live, a new Twitter advertising tool from TBG Digital, lets advertisers buy promoted tweets and have them run during specific television shows or live events. As described by Adweek, Calendar Live uses a grid-like, DVR-style listing of shows available to advertisers to schedule promoted tweets against. The new tool provides an interactive and distinctly cheaper way to reach a specific television show's audience, as more consumers use Twitter and other second screen apps while they watch their favorite shows.

Making campaigns more efficient is important to advertisers, and TBG Digital found that content engagement is 18 percent higher when a promoted tweet is scheduled around a live event — its tool enables advertisers to take advantage of that increased engagement. "If you run tweets around live events or TV shows, you get better engagement than if they're just generic tweets [running] all the time. It's helping advertisers think about Twitter in real time as a second screen," TBG Digital CEO Simon Mansell told Adweek. Overall, TBG hopes its new tool makes sponsored tweets more targeted, valuable, and potentially more relevant to viewers.

The platform is the result of one of Twitter's first partnerships around its newly released advertising API — a move by Twitter as it begins to make promoting tweets a simpler task. Advertisers may want consumers to use specific second screen apps, but for now Twitter is the place to be — and its relationship with television is only growing. In February, Twitter purchased TV analytics firm Bluefin, and it announced a partnership with Nielson late last year.