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GroupMe updates messaging client with in-app money transfers, gallery view

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GroupMe Split
GroupMe Split

GroupMe today revamped its iOS and Android apps with two new features, one being a bit more useful than the other. The group messaging app has gained a new feature called Split, which allows group participants to transfer money to one another or chip in toward a common goal. "You bought concert tickets for everyone in the group? Attach a Split and get your money back right away," reads a blog post detailing today's additions. Payments can be accepted via credit card, and GroupMe says once you've collect your money it should appear in your bank account within 24 hours. Splits are free to set up (you attach them to a chat just as you would a photo) but anyone that contributes will be charged 4.0% plus $0.99; GroupMe says this covers card fees and a "small" convenience charge. These fees will be waved until March 12th, however, giving you a chance to try Splits before extra surcharges kick in.

There's also a slick new gallery view, which amasses all the photos that have been shared in a given group. Depending on how active your GroupMe session is, this could make for an easier way of finding pictures that were sent out days, weeks, or months ago. Both of the new features are immediately available in GroupMe 4.1 for iOS and Android.