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Google celebrates Women's Day by giving voice to women in tech

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limor fried
limor fried

Google today is hosting a selection of livestreamed talks and keynotes from the Voices Global Conference — a 24-hour event held in celebration of International Women's Day. Launched by Deanna Kosaraju, founder of Global Tech Women, Friday's conference will feature talks delivered by women in tech and engineering, broadcast live from across the globe. The idea, according to the Voices Global website, is to "discuss, collaborate and celebrate the contributions of technical women."

In support of this initiative, Google is providing more than a dozen hours of live and on-demand talks from women working in computer science, including new episodes from the Women Techmakers series, as well as interviews with industry leaders like Mani Abrol, head of Lexity India. The discussions themselves will cover a wide range of topics, from broad questions of diversity and fairness to more specific subjects like Google's Compute Engine.

You can find a full schedule of events at Google's Voices Global channel, which will be updated throughout the day.