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Cory Arcangel, Spock, and the internet sewing machine: photos from the 2013 Armory art show

A tour of the coolest stuff from New York's largest art show

The New York Armory Show 2013 hero
The New York Armory Show 2013 hero

Every year, hundreds of art galleries move their wares to Piers 92 and 94 on the Hudson River to show off all the best stuff in one place. It's called the Armory Show, in tribute to the 1913 art show that introduced America to European avant-garde painters like Picasso and Matisse. 100 years later, the contemporary avant-garde is more wired, armed with neon tubes, algorithms, and engineering. There's a lot of beautiful and weird art on display at the show — in particular, a sewing machine printing out Google results, one pinhole at a time — but here's what caught our eye.

Photography by Dante D'Orazio

The 2013 Armory Show


Captive Reflection by Leandro Erlich
Behind the broken window, the screen shows overlapping scenes powered by a Mac mini.