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Zappos CEO reportedly buys 100 Tesla cars for Zipcar-like rental service in Las Vegas (update)

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Tesla Model S
Tesla Model S

Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh has led the cause of urban development in Las Vegas, and according to Business Insider, he plans to add an enticing all-electric perk for tech entrepreneurs in town: a fleet of 100 rental cars from Elon Musk's Tesla Motors. Business Insider says Hsieh's new Tesla service will be part of a new Car2Go or Zipcar-like rental program for members of the Vegas tech community. Hsieh has been working on a $350 million effort called the Downtown Project intended to revitalize the Las Vegas city center with an influx of tech companies — that includes Hsieh Zappos, which moved into the former Las Vegas City Hall last year. As The New York Times reported, the Downtown Project aims to bring in 10,000 "upwardly mobile, innovative professionals" to Las Vegas in five years — luring them with startup funding, and now, a fleet Tesla rental cars. For the budget-minded, it may now be cheaper to get a degree in programming than to buy one of Musk's electric wonders.

Update: Business Insider has retracted its original report after speaking to Hsieh, who denied purchasing any Tesla cars and said he is "not creating a car rental service." Sorry, Las Vegas entrepreneurs.