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YouTube co-founder Chad Hurley announces MixBit video collaboration site

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YouTube co-founder Chad Hurley is gearing up to launch a new video site, MixBit. On Twitter today, Hurley announced while poking fun at a Google April Fools' joke, saying "since YouTube is ending, we're launching a new video site." The tweet ends with a link to the new site and its Twitter account.

It's not clear exactly how MixBit will function, but Hurley told SXSW attendees that the site wouldn't be a direct YouTube competitor, and would instead provide "flexibility for people to work together and create content." With a little digging, we found some cached test pages from MixBit including one with a looping mp4 video featuring YouTube co-founders Hurley and Steve Chen. was snapped up for $2,095 according to reports from earlier this month. We expect to hear more about MixBit in the coming weeks as Hurley implied at SXSW that the site would be ready for unveiling in April.