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Good Deal: get Sony's entry-level NEX-F3 camera with 18-55mm lens for only $369

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NEX-F3 good deal
NEX-F3 good deal

Autofocus and dynamic range quibbles aside, Sony's NEX-F3 still makes for a fine entry-level mirrorless camera. When we took at look at it last year, we came away impressed with its ease of use, build quality, and overall image output. So long as your photo habits don't call for the added features found in the NEX-5R, NEX-6, and NEX-7, the NEX-F3 really isn't a bad choice — especially for the price Amazon is charging today. The online retailer is featuring the camera as its Gold Box deal of the day for only $369, a savings of $129 over the standard rate. As part of the package you'll also get Sony's capable 18-55mm kit lens. From there your options are limitless, since the NEX cameras can utilize a wide array of existing glass so long as you get the right adapter. For now, your most pressing decision is picking between black and silver.