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RadioShack ad for HTC One hints at $199.99 Sprint pricing, $50 Google Play bonus

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HTC One RadioShack
HTC One RadioShack

Aside from T-Mobile's pledge to sell the HTC One for $99 down (plus monthly payments), we've yet to hear what other carriers will charge for the eagerly anticipated handset when it finally arrives stateside later this month. According to newly leaked signage from RadioShack, though, you shouldn't expect any surprises. The in-store promotional materials, first seen at Phandroid, reveal that the HTC One will be sold for $199.99 with a new two-year agreement — at least on Sprint. As always, reseller pricing can differ from a carrier's MSRP, but this is pretty much where we expect to see the price point land.

More intriguingly, the RadioShack ad also suggests buyers of HTC's new flagship will be rewarded with $50 in Google Play credit. That generous bonus should cover just about any "essential" app or game you could want, and also serves as a way for HTC to lure shoppers from competing Android hardware. RadioShack has employed the $50 Play credit offer before, though it's unclear whether this specific promotion will be limited to Sprint subscribers. We should be hearing more firm details about the One's US launch in the weeks to come.