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FBI debunks claims that popular 'X-File' is evidence of UFOs

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The FBI has seen fit to respond to reports that a document released by the agency under the Freedom of Information Act proved that aliens exist. The document, known as the Guy Hottel Memo, was published to the FBI Vault in 2011, and various tabloids and media sites cited it as evidence of real-life UFOs. British tabloid The Sun published an article at the time saying that "UFO experts said the files could be final proof that aliens and flying saucers 'are real.'"

The FBI notes that the one-page memo, which describes a report that claims three 50-foot wide flying saucers and their alien pilots were discovered in New Mexico, has become the most viewed document on the agency's website with nearly a million views to-date. Now the FBI has decided it's time to formally respond to the vicious cycle of misinformation, saying on its blog that the memo was originally published publicly in 1970, and that the second- or third-hand report was unverified. In fact, the agency didn't even take the story seriously enough to investigate it. Of course, for you conspiracy theorists out there, this could just be the latest attempt by the FBI to cover it all up.