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Watch sound rule shape and color in upcoming platformer '140'

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The developer who crafted the creepy puzzles for the 2010 platformer Limbo is close to releasing 140, a side-scrolling rhythm game with constantly changing levels. The landscapes in 140 alter as its overlaid techno soundtrack hits major percussive beats, requiring players to time their movement and jumps with the rhythm to stay alive — the game's soundtrack controls everything from the player controlled character to the environment's shape and color. The music design earned the game Excellence in Audio from the 2013 Independent Game Festival awards presented at last week's GDC. 140 looks like a color-soaked hallucination of an 8-bit platformer, which should be equally wild to play as it is to watch. The game was created as an independent project of Playdead developer Jeppe Carlsen, and it's set to be released later this year.