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AT&T confirms HD Voice coming this year

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AT&T logo (STOCK)
AT&T logo (STOCK)

HD Voice is coming to AT&T this year. At the VentureBeat Mobile Summit in Sausalito, California, AT&T VP Kris Rinne told the audience that "HD Voice is part of our voice over LTE strategy," reports All Things D, reaffirming claims the company made in January. The news follows T-Mobile’s announcement that it will begin offering HD Voice on the iPhone 5 in mid-April, adding to its existing HD voice-compatible device lineup like the Galaxy S III and HTC One S. In comparison, Sprint began a limited rollout of HD Voice service last year, although its iPhone 5 doesn't support the feature. HD Voice not only requires a compatible network to work; the feature needs to be built into handsets, which partially explains its slowness getting to market.

As its name implies, HD Voice offers higher-quality audio during voice calls, and the service has already been available on a few European networks for some time. Now that AT&T is pledging to offer the service by the end of the year, the only major carrier not to have the service by the same time will likely be Verizon, which may not have HD Voice until early 2014 or later.