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'SimCity' for Mac available starting on June 11th

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SimCity Police
SimCity Police

Hoping that it can put the launch issues of the PC version behind it, EA has announced the availability of SimCity for Mac. The company says that from June 11th, you'll will be able to purchase a copy of SimCity on its Origin games distribution platform and receive a copy playable on both the Mac and PC. That means if you have already purchased the PC version, you'll now be able to download it and play on the Mac for no extra charge.

EA says it has already sold more than 1.3 million units on PC since its launch in March, and will allow gamers playing both SimCity versions to connect to the same servers. Given that the game's online-only requirement led to a frustrating launch window that was plagued by delays thanks to heavy loads on EA's Origin servers, we hope that the company's infrastructure upgrades will allow them to be more prepared this time around.