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Cinemagram finally arrives on Android, beats Vine to the punch

Cinemagram finally arrives on Android, beats Vine to the punch

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Cinemagram, an app that turns videos into simple animated GIFs, is launching today on Android after debuting just over a year ago on iOS. Like other short-form video services, the app seems to take an Instagram-like approach to making users' content look good by placing tight requirements on how the final product is made. The app allows users to turn portions of a video into a single still image, leaving only a small area of the picture with movement. We've seen it used to create funny clips evocative of early cinema, but it's yet to gain a wide adoption — even though its format was interesting enough to be mimicked by companies like Nokia.

Though Cinemagram is expanding its possible audience of users with this release, its now in a market against the Twitter-owned Vine app. Just two days after Vine launched, Cinemagram updated its iOS app with video editing features that seemed to challenge the new service. The new features and Android app were likely in development well before Vine's launch, but it comes as the burgeoning short-form video market continues to expand and gain use as an artistic medium.