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Dropbox rebrands business offerings as it continues to go after corporate customers

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dropbox header 765
dropbox header 765

Dropbox has been working on making its services more appealing to enterprise customers for some time now, and today the company is rebranding its corporation-friendly products to "Dropbox for Business" (from the decidedly less-professional "Dropbox for Teams") to signal the change. The company is introducing a significant feature addition today to mark the rebrand: support for single sign-on (known as SSO). The addition is very significant for businesses — especially large ones with IT departments and strict security rules — as it allows employees to sign on using a service like Microsoft's Active Directory and immediately gain access to Dropbox and other services. IT departments love it because it gives them nuanced control over security, and it's more convenient for employees, too. Dropbox says it is working with partners Ping Identity, Okta, OneLogin, Centrify, and Symplified to bring single sign-on to businesses next month. The name change and the addition of SSO comes a little over a month after the company introduced a redesigned administration panel for companies to control how their employees use Dropbox.