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The Verge is nominated for five Webby Awards!

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verge balloon logo

We're extremely excited to announce that The Verge has been nominated for a whopping five Webby Awards — including Best Writing (Editorial), Best Visual Design (Function), Best Consumer Electronics Site, Best Podcast for The Vergecast, and Best News App. It's obviously a huge honor for us to be recognized for the work we're doing, and we're flattered just to be included alongside some of the amazing entrants in these categories. If you like what The Verge has been doing — and have the time and energy — we would love for you to cast a vote for us in any (or all!) of the categories below. Then you should tell your friends to do the same. No pressure.

Click and vote:

Best Writing (Editorial)

Best Visual Design - Function

Best Consumer Electronics Site

Best News App

Best Podcast