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Next-generation Xbox launch titles include 'Ryse' and a new 'Forza'

Next-generation Xbox launch titles include 'Ryse' and a new 'Forza'

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Microsoft is working on a number of launch titles for its new Xbox console. One of the first games to launch on the next Xbox will be Ryse, according to multiple sources familiar with Microsoft's Xbox plans. Microsoft originally unveiled Ryse at E3 2011, promising an exclusive Xbox 360 release with Kinect functionality. A release has never materialized for Xbox 360 and the company has remained fairly silent about the title's progress, noting that it was still in development in mid-2012 and again earlier this year. The Verge understands that Crytek, along with Microsoft Studios, has been rewriting the game to take advantage of its next-generation console, due later this year.

'Ryse' will be the mega launch title'

We're told Ryse is designed to be Microsoft's new Gears of War / Halo mega launch title. It's set in the Roman Empire period and uses deep Kinect integration to allow players to slash and kick at enemies. We understand that Ryse will take advantage of the new body tracking improvements in the next Kinect sensor. Ryse is part of four major launch titles for the next-generation Xbox. Sources tell us that a new Forza title with "super life-like" graphics will also be made available at launch, alongside a zombie game and a family game set on an island with Pixar movie-style graphics. We're told that the family game will utilize Kinect to scan a body and generate a virtual character in the game.

We understand that these four titles are a small selection of the launch titles for the next-generation Xbox. Third-party support is said to be strong in the first-person-shooter genre. Microsoft is also working on some improvements to Xbox Live, including a switch to currency over the Microsoft Points system. Microsoft is expected to hold a special Xbox event in May, ahead of a full unveiling at E3 in June.