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Steve Jobs' widow to talk immigration reform in first interview since Apple co-founder's death

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NBC Laurene Powell Jobs
NBC Laurene Powell Jobs

The first interview with Laurene Powell Jobs since the death of her husband, Steve Jobs, will air tonight on NBC's Rock Center with Brian Williams. She's on the show to help advocate for immigration reform in the United States — especially when it comes to children of illegal immigrants. Jobs has worked together with filmmaker Davis Guggenheim to make The Dream is Now, a documentary focusing on the DREAM Act, which would provide some of those children a pathway to citizenship. The documentary will be shown on April 14th at 4PM ET on MSNBC. The interview itself is said to center on Laurene Powell Jobs' work to get immigration reform passed, though she also speaks of her late husband: "His private legacy with me and the kids is that of husband and father, and we miss him every day." NBC has released a clip before the interview airs tonight at 10PM ET.