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Twitter #music page code shows Spotify, Rdio, YouTube, and other app integration

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twitter music
twitter music

With Twitter's new music discovery page online but not yet available to most of us, people have started digging into the page itself for details. After looking at the landing page's HTML, designer Youssef Sarhan found another linked page and dug through its source as well, revealing some of the UI elements and services that will probably be integrated into the tool. Specifically, Sarhan found hooks to connect YouTube, Vevo, Spotify, Rdio, iTunes, and SoundCloud; some of these had already been rumored, but they're now apparently confirmed. Early adopters have also begun tweeting out tracks from Rdio and SoundCloud, corroborating these features.

In addition to the services, the code also reveals a little more about how we'll use the service. One section is marked ".iconmusic-player-btn-buy," suggesting users will be able to buy songs, and others suggest music charts, artist biographies, and tools for following users (possibly either through Twitter or its own system) or composing tweets. The full page source is available here; it's possible more interesting details will emerge as we look over it further.