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The design history behind the iconic 'Pegman' of Google Maps

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Pegman design history
Pegman design history

The imagery used in Google Maps is so common at this point that it's easy to forget that it didn't just leap into existence fully-formed; it actually had to be designed. Buzzfeed takes a look at the process behind creating one of the most familiar elements of Google Maps: the humanoid "Pegman" character used in Street View. Originally, Google's designers toyed with the idea of using an icon of an eyeball in order to indicate the point of view, but quickly realized it was neither aesthetically pleasing nor particularly effective. That led to a number of design iterations, including female versions, robots, and a Pegman in a suit and dress shoes. To get the full story of how Pegman came to be — and to see some of the easter eggs that Google has introduced over the years — check out Buzzfeed's visual history.