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Xbox Live outage knocks gamers offline, renders Netflix and other apps useless (update)

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Xbox 360 stock
Xbox 360 stock

Xbox Live is currently experiencing a significant service disruption, with many users reporting problems when trying to sign in to Microsoft's online gaming platform. The outage — which inconveniently comes during peak weekend gaming hours — has subsequently rendered a large part of the console's functionality useless for the time being. Many of the most popular apps on Xbox 360 (including Netflix, HBO Go, Hulu, and YouTube) are tied to Xbox Live Gold subscriptions; if you're unable to sign in, you won't be able to access any content. Microsoft has confirmed the ongoing issue on its Xbox support website, pledging that "every available resource" is currently working to get players back online. In the meantime, the company is providing status updates every 30 minutes.

Update: Several hours after the outage began, Microsoft has given the all clear and confirmed that the issue which caused the disruption has been resolved.