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Twitter reportedly pursuing deal with Viacom, NBC for video content

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Twitter promoted tweet stock
Twitter promoted tweet stock

Twitter is in talks with Viacom and NBC to form a deal to display TV clips on its site, according to a report on Bloomberg. Under the reported deal, the TV companies would provide clips that would appear on Twitter and then both parties would split any associated ad revenue. The ads would apparently appear "alongside" the videos, and both the videos and the ads show up in Twitter's much-vaunted "cards," which recently expanded to work with more types of content.

The move makes sense for Twitter, having spent the past year or so cozying up with television providers, starting with a deal with NBC for the Olympics. Since then, Twitter acquired a TV analytics firm called Bluefin and scored a partnership with Nielsen to measure audience reach on the social network. The company is reportedly is seeking partnerships with other TV providers to build more content into Twitter, and at least of the deals on the table could be signed by mid-May. Along with the impending music service, TV video clips could make for a good one-two punch of content that would be accessible without leaving Twitter's site.

Update: A report from Variety stresses that Twitter would only be showing short video clips, and not full-length programs.