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Leap Motion and HP to embed gesture controls in PCs

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Leap Motion
Leap Motion

Leap Motion announced today that it's partnering with Hewlett Packard to release the first line of built-in gesture controlled computers. The companies declined to say whether the models would be laptops or desktops, or pin down an exact release date, except to say the computers would be the first models hitting the market with gesture devices embedded directly in the computer shell. It's a good sign, as Leap Motion rushes towards its official release date on May 13th and tries to build enough interest in its app store to keep both developers and users happy.

Leap Motion CEO Michael Buckwald says the embedded unit will be similar to the standalone version, but roughly half as thick, slimming down to just three millimeters. Buckwald wouldn't say exactly where the Leap Motion unit would fit into the final product, but highlighted two areas that had been considered, saying, "if it's in the monitor bezel it can see the table, which has some interesting use cases. But if it's by the keyboard, it can see the screen, which also provides some interesting use cases." Buckwald added, "As we work with more partners like HP, I imagine we'll see it in more places."