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Dell standing by Windows RT, working on future ARM devices

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Dell XPS 10
Dell XPS 10

Samsung might be distancing itself from Microsoft’s Windows RT for ARM devices, citing customer confusion stemming from the inability to run x86 apps and weak overall demand, but Dell is taking the opposite tack. The company is reiterating its commitment to the platform, announcing that future generations of its XPS 10 tablet are under development. The company’s vice president, Neil Hand, said that "it’s turned slower than we were hoping at this point in time," referring to less-than-desirable sales performance, but added that "Over the long haul it shouldn’t matter if it is Windows on ARM, Windows on Intel, Windows on anything else." IDG News reports that the revamped tablets will apparently be lighter and faster, but no specs have yet been announced.

Hand’s prediction could come true if Microsoft sticks with Windows 8 style apps that run on both ARM and x86 architectures over "the long haul," but the company has repeatedly shown its willingness to step away from poorly-performing platforms like Silverlight. Dell might not have the best track record predicting trends, but Hand maintains that people who actually own the Windows RT XPS 10 love the device.