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Logitech unveils two new do-it-all Harmony remotes ahead of division sale

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Logitech Harmony
Logitech Harmony

Despite announcing that it would be looking to sell its Harmony remote division early this year, Logitech has announced two new universal remote controls, the Harmony Ultimate and the Harmony Smart Control. Both remotes connect to Logitech's new Harmony Hub which is capable of controlling your home entertainment devices via RF or over Wi-Fi, allowing you to position your entertainment devices wherever you wish.

Logitech says the Harmony Ultimate is the most fully-featured Harmony product it has ever built, offering a large 2.4-inch color touchscreen that can control up to 15 devices (from a 225,000 product catalog) with touch gestures. The company has also included support for Philips' new Hue LED lightbulbs, allowing you to control the lighting in the room as well as your TV, set-top box, music player, or console.

Control your TV, set-top box, music player, console, and now your LED lighting

The Harmony Smart Control is marketed as two devices in one, allowing you to download an app and turn your iOS or Android smartphone into a personalized remote control. The apps offer limited personalization features which include icons for your favorite channels and swipe gestures. With the Smart Control package, the smartphone apps are the major draw but Logitech also offers a low-key coffee table remote which serves as a standby device capable of controlling 8 devices. Logitech says the Harmony Ultimate will be available in the US in April and Europe in May for $349.99, while the Logitech Harmony Smart Control will hit the US and Europe in May for $129.99.