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Snapchat users now share over 150 million photos every day

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Snapchat for Android
Snapchat for Android

Speaking at the ATD Dive into Mobile conference, Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel revealed over 150 million photos are shared through the social app every day. That represents a near-threefold increase from December, when the company announced over 50 million Snapchats — which delete themselves after ten seconds — were being sent each day.

It's perhaps a testament to the its unique take on sharing that it's difficult to draw direct comparisons with other apps and services. When compared to Apple's iMessage, which handles around a billion messages every day, Snapchat is undoubtably small — and cross-platform applications like WhatsApp often process more than ten billion daily messages. More permanent photo-sharing services such as Instagram, by contrast, handle far fewer; Instagram users share around 40 million photos per day.