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Eric Schmidt describes future 'phenomenal' Motorola devices as 'phones-plus'

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While a number of rumors have focused on a flagship Google "X Phone," Google's Eric Schmidt says he's seen the future of Motorola's new "phenomenal" set of products. Images of an unidentified Motorola handset appeared in March, showing a potential Google design influence, but the company has not yet officially revealed any new devices. Speaking at AllThingsD's Dive into Mobile conference today, Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt described Motorola's next products as "very impressive," without offering up any details on what's planned.

When pressed on whether the products are tablets or just phones, Schdmit said to "think of them as phones-plus," in a mysterious tease. Schdmit didn't discuss any Google "X Phone" or "X Tablet" rumors, but If recent leaks are accurate then Motorola appears to be readying a separate stock Android handset with a smooth non-removable back panel. With Google assisting Motorola on its future direction, the future devices could provide the best look at a true Google-inspired Android experience that goes deeper than the company's Nexus efforts.