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Facebook Home available outside US later today, first update coming 'second week of May'

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Facebook at Dive Into Mobile
Facebook at Dive Into Mobile

On stage at AllThingsD's Dive Into Mobile conference today, Cory Ondrejka, head of mobile engineering at Facebook, announced that the first update to Facebook Home for Android will be released in "the second week of May." This is in line with the company's promise that it'd be updating its mobile apps on a monthly basis, but unfortunately, he declined to say what exactly the new version would include. Presumably, the update would apply not just to the "Facebook phone" — HTC's First — but also to the Facebook Home download available through Google Play.

Meanwhile, Ondrejka mentioned that the Home download would start rolling out outside the US beginning later today, its first international expansion after hitting the American Google Play store last week. That's only the app — the HTC First won't be coming to the UK's Orange and EE until later this year.