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Time Warner Cable plays catchup, now lets customers stream on-demand content anywhere

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Time Warner Cable iPad App icon
Time Warner Cable iPad App icon

Time Warner Cable is now allowing customers to stream select on-demand programming outside the home using the company's app for iOS. The move brings TWC in line with Cablevision, DirecTV, and Comcast, all of whom already offer similar functionality to subscribers. As for what VOD content will be available anywhere, the lineup includes a plethora of Viacom staples like Comedy Central, MTV, BET VH1, and Nickelodeon. BBC America, the Food Network, and Travel Channel are also included.

Subscribers can even stream live TV away from their Wi-Fi network — though the list of channels you can tune into is incredibly tiny. And apart from BBC America and Time Warner Cable's own local news channels, it's mostly content few people will care about. Just how useful is the TV Guide Network outside your house, exactly? In any event, the dream of live TV everywhere is inching a bit closer, but you'll still want an Aereo subscription for network programming (much to the industry's chagrin). An update to the iOS app will enable on-demand streaming tomorrow. As for the provider's other apps, TWC says its Android and PC / Mac offerings will be updated with the same ability in the near future.

Update: The iOS app update is in fact scheduled for release tomorrow, with Time Warner Cable's Android and PC / Mac software expected to receive similar treatment soon. We apologize for any confusion!